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Welcome to Universal Metering

the next generation of water meters and end-to-end prepayment water metering

Universal Metering has developed a range of technology to take the water metering industry into the future. Our product range is a result of market leading hardware and software, years of experience and the ability to listen to our customers. Our water metering solutions are used worldwide - contact us to find out how we can revolutionise your water delivery.

SmartFlow water meterSmartFlow™ Water Meter

A maintenance free, no moving parts, water meter. SmartFlow™ water meters use unique ultrasonic technology to deliver unrivalled accuracy and reliability.

SmartMeter Prepayment water metering componentsSmartMeter Prepayment™

A complete solution, with prepayment software, electronic water metering and customer friendly 'split smart card system' to guarantee revenue and service.

The Failings of Mechanical Meters

For some time, there has been a debate, as to the validity and accuracy of mechanical meters. Now find out the truth about mechanical meters and how it compares to electronic metering.

Electronic Water Metering

Electronic metering is without question, the only solution to the outdated and unreliable mechanical metering. Find out what electronic water meters are available on their strengths and weaknesses.

Water Meter Approvals

With so many approvals issued around the world what do they all mean? What requirements does a water meter have to achieve to gain approvals? What do the approvals mean for your purchasing process?


SmartFlow™ - the only choice

100% accurate for life

Does not measure air

Unaffected by grit and sand

No moving parts for better reliability

smartflow water meter with AMR communicationSmartComms™ Automatic Meter Reading

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology to match the power and accuracy of SmartFlow™ water meters. Available with touch pad and radio technologies SmartComms™ really comes alive when used in a wirefree SmartConnect™ network. Enhanced data collection and secure virtual network reduces operating costs, improves analysis and increases reliability and accuracy.

SmartValve shut off valve componentsSmartValve™

A wireless shut-off valve to disconnect and reconnect water consumers. A tamper proof and safe way to protect revenues using two-way radio technology.

Smart Bowser water filling station pump control unitSmartBowser™

A complete solution for water filling stations from managing customer accounts and credit to dispensing accurate volumes of water to waiting bowsers.