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Bulk SmartFlow™ Commercial Water Meters

Bulk SmartFlow™ meters are electromagnetic flow meters using hollow bore flow tubes and state of the art technology to accurately detect a large flow range.

smartflow bulk meter used in bulk prepayment installationsBulk SmartFlow™ water meters are in a range of sizes, from 2” (50mm) to 56” (1400mm) and have no moving parts. The range is available mains powered with or without a 24 hour UPS or as a battery powered unit.

Bulk SmartFlow™ meter characteristics:

The Electromagnetic Induction Principal

digram showing the electromagnetic induction principalBulk SmartFlow™ water meters use the electromagnetic principle to accurately fluid flow without measuring air.


The Bulk SmartFlow™ meter range can be utilised not only for all forms of water, but can also be used to measure:

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