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SmartMeter Prepayment™

A complete solution, with prepayment software, electronic water metering and customer friendly 'split smart card system' to guarantee revenue and service.

The SmartMeter Prepayment™ water system is a revolutionary and complete ‘water metering solution’. SmartMeter Prepayment™ water metering provides many benefits to both water companies and end users, including guaranteed revenue and arrears collection, extensive management tools through detailed report functionality and the ability for customers to manage their budgets more easily.

Smart Card and Buying Credit

SmartMeter Prepayment™ is a straight forward and user friendly system to operate, as it uses a Smart Card to handle credit and monitor water use. Customers purchase credit at vending points, providing an opportunity to download new tariff data. Simultaneously, data from the meter, stored on the Smart Card, is uploaded and sent to the utility headquarters.

diagram demonstrating smartmeter prepayment water metering

Customer interface in the home

Installed in a convenient place inside the home or business, the SmartMeter Prepayment™ Internal Unit communicates with the external meter box, housing the meter and control valve, using wireless radio. The SmartMeter Prepayment™ Internal Unit is the customer’s interface and requires the Smart Card to be inserted for it to work. It displays the credit status and gives useful information about the volume of water remaining, tariff status and potential leakage.

Savings and revenue protection

SmartMeter Prepayment™ guarantees payment prior to water distribution. SmartMeter Prepayment™ dramatically reduces operating overheads by removing the need for a billing department or meter readers. The SmartMeter Prepayment™ water system provides the safest financial solution in water metering today.

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