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Universal Metering Products


A maintenance free, no moving parts, water meter. SmartFlow™ water meters use unique ultrasonic technology to deliver unrivalled accuracy and reliabilty.

SmartMeter Prepayment™

A complete solution, with prepayment software, electronic water metering and customer friendly 'split smart card system' to guarantee revenue and service.


Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology to match the power and accuracy of SmartFlow™ water meters. Available with touch pad and radio technologies SmartComms™ really comes alive when used in a wirefree SmartConnect™ network. Enhanced data collection and secure virtual network reduces operating costs, improves analysis and increases reliabilty and accuracy.

Bulk SmartFlow™

Bulk SmartFlow™ meters are Electromagnetic Flow Meters using hollow bore flowtubes and state of the art technology to accurately detect the large flow range the meters can record.


A wireless shut-off valve to disconnect and reconnect water consumers. A tamper proof and safe way to protect revenues using two-way radio technology.


A complete solution for water filling stations from managing customer accounts and credit to dispensing accurate volumes of water to waiting bowsers.

SmartFlow™ Mobile

Measure flow rates without needing to cut pipes to install meters. Simple straps mount SmartFlow Mobile™ meters around pipes ranging in size from DN13 to DN6000. Industry leading technology accurately measures flow to <±1% of actual flow. Results are presented via and easy to use LCD screen. SmartFlow Mobile™ meters combine flexibility and accuracy for the first time.