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SmartComms™Automatic Meter Reading

AMR technology to match the power and accuracy of SmartFlow™ water meters. Several data collection methods including the next-generation SmartConnect™ network.

smartFlow water mater with representation of AMRSmartComms™ is uniquely placed to work with the fully electronic and very accurate SmartFlow™ water meter range. Only with electronic water metering can and should AMR be incorporated. If the information from the source, i.e. the meter cannot be guaranteed to be accurate or precise, the information at the receiver’s end cannot either, regardless of the sophistication of the AMR equipment. SmartFlow™ guarantees performance and therefore, the following AMR solutions will allow water metering to be taken to the next level.

Open and flexible

SmartFlow™ uses open protocol communication, which means any AMR system is compatible. However, with the amount of systems available, selecting the correct one, can often become a complicated process. For this reason, SmartFlow™ has six established solutions, covering the complete spectrum of AMR options:

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