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SmartFlow™ Water Meters

A maintenance free, no moving parts, water meter. SmartFlow™ water meters use unique ultrasonic technology to deliver unrivalled accuracy and reliability.

SmartFlow water meterThe next generation of water metering

A truly innovative design - maintenance free, with no moving parts and hollow bore technology. The SmartFlow™ water meter is unaffected by sand and grit particles. Guaranteed not to record air, it is the only meter to truly overcome all global network issues, providing 100% accuracy for life.

The worldwide requirement, answered

SmartFlow’s™ unique low power Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Technology, ensures the problems encountered with mechanical meters become a thing of the past. Through its low cost and life-long 100% accuracy the SmartFlow™ meter provides a genuine low cost solution with significant savings, whilst promoting a stable platform of trust between customer and provider.

Unique ultrasonics for domestic metering

Developed from patented Bulk meters, SmartFlow™ is the first ultrasonic inline water meter available, bringing performance improvements and economic benefits to the domestic market.

SmartFlow™ uses an Ultrasonic Transit Time Inline Flow Cell to measure water with 100% accuracy. Sound transmitted upstream is accelerated by the flow, sound transmitted downstream is decelerated. The resulting time difference is proportional to flow and converted by a micro controller into an output signal.

Flow Measurement

Diagram showing ultrasonic measurement principal

The ½”, ¾” and 1” water meters use a low pressure loss inline flow cell measurement chamber while the 1½” and 2” models use a zero pressure loss straight flow tube.

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