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A wireless shut-off valve to disconnect and reconnect water consumers. A tamper proof and safe way to protect revenues using two-way radio technology.

smartValve hand held unit and valveDisconnect customers without confrontation

The SmartValve™ Wireless Shut-Off Valve offers a convenient manner in which to facilitate the disconnection and reconnection of water consumers, by means of a radio controlled water valve. A wide range of frequencies are utilized in the product and will suit most country requirements.

This unique product ensures no unpleasant exchanges with customers and provides a real deterrent to bad payers and perpetual non-payers.

Two way communication between hand held unit and the valve

The system, based around the principle of remote disconnection, functions by use of a hand held unit to wirelessly communicate with the external control unit within a tamper proof box, by closing or reopening the water control valve.

The easy to use Hand Held Unit provides a two way link to installed units, allowing disconnection or reconnection, followed by a confirmation of current valve status. The operator walks or drives by the target applications and enters the appropriate serial number. This triggers the valve into either opening or closing. The status of the valve is then sent back to the hand held unit, which on return to the base station, is uploaded to update the customer database with all the locations visited.

Flexible and reliable

The SmartValve™ installation can be fitted in a multitude of positions on the pipe line that leads to the customer’s premises, but due to the tamper proof housing, the utility can be safe in the knowledge that it will not be interfered with in anyway, thus ensuring its performance when required.

The robust valve utilised has NSF 61 approval, as well as having all the required standards for use within potable water. Its performance can be relied upon to operate frequently, as well as infrequently.

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